When good reviews go bad…?

We’ve all heard horror stories about hotels fining guests if they leave bad Trip Advisor reviews, or about Amazon sellers paying or giving free products to people in lieu of getting rave reviews from them.  Doesn’t this just show how important good reviews are to a business…? They can literally make or break you.  But is that any excuse for manipulating those who choose to try and make wise buying decisions, fudging the feedback and literally lying to our bemused, confuddled faces…?

OK, so hands up anyone who looks at a review before purchasing something… I’m guessing that’s pretty much all of you, right?  How often have you been disappointed by something that seemed to have really good reviews?  Bet that’s a fair few of us too.

So how do we feel that what we are trusting to be honest, legitimate reviews are, sometimes, utter old tosh.  Mugged, I bet? Then how does this make you feel… there are even some ethically challenged grabbers out there who prostitute themselves, selling their services to businesses who “buy” good ratings and reviews from people who have never even used their product.  And these are amongst the people we are basing our buying decisions on and throwing our hard-earned cash at.  Shocker eh?

Don’t get me wrong, most of the big players – The Amazons, Googles etc of the world are constantly working to eradicate this fraudulent and misleading practice, but can they ever really do that?  Despite their best efforts, probably not.  So what do we do if we want good honest appraisals of products without having the wool pulled over our eyes by unscrupulous sellers…?

We share, that’s what.  With friends, family, colleagues, like-minded people.  Get thoughts and opinions first-hand from those who you know and trust.  And importantly, from people who have absolutely nothing to gain from what they are telling you other than to feel good for passing on good recommendations or to stop someone falling foul of a bad product, service or experience.  What could be better!?

Come on people, like your momma always told you, it’s good to share 🙂



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