The great hair-break debate

Right-o lovely ladies, lets get this exchange of helpful tips going. Apart from anything else, I am basically desperate and I just KNOW one of you can help me…. this weeks topic for help and debate….HAIR BREAKAGE!!!

So, for years I have strived for glossy Claudia Winkleman-esque shiny locks but am failing with increasing severity. I like to think I take care of my hair BUT if I’m honest and look at it properly, I colour every 4 weeks, blowdry 3 times a week and straighten, well, pretty much every day. I can’t stop doing any of those things (much as I’d love to) yet it’s making my hair look really unhealthy, I can’t tell you how much hair escapes me in the shower and on my brush, it’s like a barnet massacre!

So PLEASE, I know others of you must have the same issue, and I know that some of you gorgeous glossy gals have the solution, so pretty please this is my first appeal…. don’t be shy and please, please, please post¬†comments to tip us all off on any techniques, products, treatments I can test out and see if I can stop the drop!

Thank you so much ladies, look forward to trying out your suggestions and reporting back soon!


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