Is Younique cream shadow worth Splurge-ing out on?

Oh my word.  Yes.

Now, I’ve always been a  mineral shadow kind of girl.  I like the feeling of a light, sheer shadow on my lids, so when a friend suggested I try a cream shadow, to coin the name of one of their shades, I was more than a little skeptical to begin with.

You see I remember cream shadows from the 80’s.  Nasty, right?  Well actually no – we’ve come a long way since then!

So lets start from the beginning – the range of colours.  Presently, in my opinion a little limited. However the colours they do have are fabulous.  Some are a little too striking “for me” *for me, read slightly conservative middle-aged fuddy duddy* however there are some more subtle shades which are stunning.  I was torn between Elegant and Dainty, but decided that Elegant would suit my colour tone better, and with that decision I took the cream shadow plunge.

As with all Younique products the quality and feel of the packaging is top drawer; every single item is packaged in a quality and very expensive-looking way.  On the note of expensive, it’s £21 a pot – not the most expensive shadow out there but more than I would usually pay.  But first impressions are of real value for money – it looks and feels like £21-worth of product at the very least.  The pot itself is really substantial – it annoyingly does do that clever  trick of making it look like it contains way more product than it actually does, but for reasons I’ll come on to shortly, that actually really doesn’t matter.

Younique recommend you use their special cream brush which I’m yet to try so can’t pass judgement on, but I found a regular good quality soft brush has worked fine for me so far. But here is the exciting bit, and in distinct contrast to the mineral shadows I usually use, you literally use the tiniest drop of the cream.  I mean minuscule!  I barely touch the tip of my brush onto the cream and it’s enough to cover my upper lid and line my lower lid on one eye.  Don’t get me wrong, for a more dramatic effect, you can layer and go a lot more opaque with the coverage, but for me, for a natural day look, that’s all I need.  This pot is going to last me years, and all for just over twenty quid; seems like darned good economy to me when you look at it as a “per usage” cost!

The big, BIG thing about this though is it’s staying power.  I apply in the mornings at about 6.30am usually.  By midday, my old makeup would usually have managed to perform a disappearing act worthy of David Blaine and slide off my face before I even went for lunch, but this product is something else….!  At the time of writing it’s 8.30pm and it’s still going strong from this morning.  Honestly, if I was off clubbing now I might want to touch it up a little, but that’s it.  It’s still here. Now one small disclaimer… I’ve just started using the Younique primer under my makeup so it’s a tiny bit possible that the staying power is down to that (or maybe a combination of the two) – I will do a control test soon and eliminate the primer a few times to see how the Splurge stays without it, just in the interest of fair reporting.

I think one of my main concerns about it in the first place with cream shadows was creasing but I have experienced very little of that so far.  Another worry I had was that whilst I like shadows with a “sheen” I’m not usually into the “glitter” thing.  Now I have to confess, this does have an element of the glitter about it which makes it perfect for parties, nights out and impact eyes, BUT the glitter is so fine that the effect is not at all gaudy.  I think my fear of glittery make up comes from younger years when the glitter would start off on your eyes and end up all over your face, hair, clothes, house, for weeks on end.  I don’t know how they’ve done it but Younique have found a way around that somehow – it doesn’t transfer (other than onto my fingers on odd occasions when I’ve touched my face) and when you wash / wipe it just disappears… no fairy dust glittery residue like in the old days.  Genius.

In a nutshell, I love my Elegant Splurge.  I’m about to order the Dainty that I was so close to buying before and do you know what, it’s coming up to party season so I am going to be brave and try the dramatic but oh-so stunning Skeptical too.

Would I recommend this product?  Hell yes, with a firm 4.5 / 5.  (It would have been 5/5 if it wasn’t for them needlessly trying to con us into thinking the pot contains more than it does and if the range of colours was a little wider!)

Splurge away ladies, and let me know what you think.  You can check out the full range of colours and purchase your Splurge  here

Enjoy you gorgeous things 🙂


4.5 stars

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