The must-have Younique 3D fibre lash mascara… worth the hype?

For once, a mascara that really does live up to the hype.  It’s little wonder the world has gone nuts for Younique’s 3D fibre lashes when you consider the results you can get with this versus your every day garden variety mascara.

Where to start then…. well I first learned about this by noticing the amazing lashes on a friend, I genuinely thought they were lash extensions, and she then told me all about the mascara.  I was obviously blown away by the effect that she seemed to be able to get from a bottle, but was a little concerned when I heard how the fibre lashes work as I have sensitive eyes at the best of times and was worried I would end up being irritated by the fibres, but thought I’d give it a go anyway.

Now when I placed the order, I also ordered some for a very gorgeous friend of mine from whom I often get beauty tips, and I recall many long musings debating how to achieve the best lash effects with her so thought this could be the perfect gift.  The friend in question is a vegan.  Now Younique are one of those fabulous ethical companies who lay claim to that wonderful “cruelty free” badge and also market themselves as a naturally based, vegan friendly company.  However, it seems not all their products are suitable for vegans, the fibre lashes being one of them since they contain beeswax.  This, I found out only on delivery of the items, ah well, all the more for me! (I did go and buy said friend an alternative gift, I’m not that tight!)

My first experience of the fibre lashes was with the original formula – the bottles were a little different to the new ones pictures (convex sides as opposed to the new concave version which I imagine a man in a white coat with a clipboard would call more “ergonomic” in design) and they didn’t have the “windows” in the bottles that allow you to see how much product is left in them.  Now I don’t know about you, but I have never struggled knowing when my mascara was running dry have you?  Methinks they are over-engineering a solution to something that’s never really been a problem, however…

The original bottles also came in a lovely little “glasses case” type hard box which, as is typical of Younique, just smacked of quality.  But the new ones come in a silk pouch which whilst it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing does take up much less room in your make up bag.  The only other difference I have noticed, and this one does niggle me a little, is that the mascara doesn’t see to last quite as long.  I think there is the same quantity of fibres as before, but the transplanting gel did seem to start to run dry a little sooner than the original formula did.

However, would I let this small fact stop me using this miracle in a bottle… not on your nelly!  I don’t leave the house now without my fibre lashes and still marvel every day when I use them at the point I have done only one eye and the other eye is still natural, the difference between the two is unbelieveable!  For my every day look, I use just one “layer” (ie an application of transplanting gel, a layer of fibres and a top coat of transplanting gel) but when I’m going out at night or want a more dramatic look I go again with another layer of fibres before the transplanting gel has dried and then a final coat of transplanting gel.  I think this “doubling-up” effect is where the 400% greater volume measurement comes from though how you measure that I have no idea!

One thing you can’t do with the fire lashes (for pretty obvious reasons) is to use lash curlers once the fibres are applied – to overcome this, I use the lash curlers before application though I have heard about a technique using a hairdryer to help curl the lashes after fibre application, which I’m yet to try…. if anyone has any experience of this, please do let me know!

As for the “irritation” I had been worried about, actually I’ve had nothing to worry about.  A couple of times, if I try and apply the fibres too close to the base of the lash it does briefly feel a little itchy – and in doing that, it’s the only time I’ve experienced getting any of the fibres in my eye. Though they were easily removed by some delicate manouvering of a tissue and didn’t cause further irritation once they were out.  So a top tip from me, only apply the fibres from the middle to the end of the lash length, you won’t lose any of the effect from doing this and it will be a lot more comfortable.

Now, the original formulation used to say something about applying a coat of your favourite mascara first, but I got no additional benefit whatsoever from doing this, and interestingly the instructions with the new formula no longer say this.  But they do stress that you should move quickly to apply the fibres to the transplanting gel while it’s still wet and that’s absolutely what I’d recommend – I did try putting the gel on each eye in turn and then doing the fibres on each eye in turn, but the effect was a lot less impactful, and that’s the only time I have ever found some of the fibres not sticking.  It’s worth a couple more minutes to do each eye separately – gel, fibre, gel to ensure you get maximum effect.

One more thing, for me, is that I only use the fibres on my top lashes – whilst I’ve seen some stunning results with fibres on both upper and lower lids, personally I prefer them just on the top – certainly as part of my every day look anyway.  Doing this, and following the tips I offered above, you will not suffer from any fibre escapage.  The only time I have experienced this myself is when I’ve stupidly rubbed my eye, but then any fall-out can be easily brushed away with a tissue or brush.

So, in summary, do I recommend Younique’s 3D Fibre lashes – oh yes.   You only need to know that they were included in the Golden Globe Goody bags to appreciate just how “must have” this product really us.  Do I think they are a viable alternative to false-lashes or lash-extensions – absolutely.  I have had the same comment about my own as when I first saw them on my friend  – you’d be forgiven for mistaking them from very good lash extensions.  Do I think every woman should have these in her make up bag – undoubtedly.  At just £23 the price isn’t that much higher than many high street brands, and the quality and effect you get more than justifies any difference in cost.  Despite my niggles with the new formula versus the old one, there is still only one rating I can give this product, and that’s 5/5

Get yours now via this link and flutter those gorgeous lashes ladies.


5 stars



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