To prime, or not to prime, that is the question…?

When it comes to primers, honestly, I don’t have much point of reference.  I always supposed that if you bought the best foundation you could afford, that would be your best bet of keeping your make up in place for as long as possible.  Oh how unrealistically optimistic and naive I was!

So a good foundation, of course, helps.  As does the right skincare prep ahead of that.  But by golly, what a difference a primer can make, this stuff should never be underestimated.  At the end of the day, you spend a lot of money and time on your make up, right, so why not give it the best chance of still being in place at the end of the day!?

Previously I was always one of those poor unfortunate souls who looked all polished and pristine glamour until around lunchtime, by which point my make-up had somehow mysteriously slid off my face leaving a sight that would make small children cry until I was able to sneak off and top up (like it doesn’t take long enough to apply it first time round!)

So when a friend recommended this Younique Glorious Primer to me, it sounded like the answer to all my problems.  And indeed, Glorious by name, glorious by nature, I loved it almost before I had witnessed the results.  The consistency is so unusual it’s hard to describe, but it’s like the most luxurious gel which really doesn’t do it justice.  It feels almost grainy though there is no grain to it, it’s perfectly smooth and glides on in the most assuringly abundant way which gives a completely gorgeous base onto which to apply your makeup.

You literally need the tiniest amount… I use way less than a pea-shaped amount, lets say a petit-pois size bead for a whole face.  I then apply the tiniest amounts which spread easily over any “problem” areas – ie wherever you’re usually likely to lose coverage over the course of the day (so for me, my eyes, nose and around my lips) and following that I will still then have a little grain of rice size amount on my hand which I then mix in with my foundation and is plenty for the whole rest-of-face coverage.

From there, you apply your make-up as normal.  The results for me have been outstanding – I haven’t needed to top up my make up at any point in the day, and I am prone to touching my face a lot in the course of the day and not even that has caused me any issues!  Honestly, if I was going out from work at the end of a long day, I may re-powder my nose and touch up my eye make-up but it really does need the most minimal titivation to have you looking back at your original best.

The Younique Glorious Face & Eye Make Up Primer retails at £30 for 40ml which, in my book, is well worth the investment as a) it goes so far and b) it gets me the best value from my time and money investment in the rest of my make up. Available here

Do I know how this wonder product works…?  No.  Do I care…? not a jot.  As long as I have this baby in my make-up bag I am a very happy girl.  And I imagine it makes the world around me a happier place to have a fully made-up me for my entire day rather than being exposed to me sans-slap for at least half the day.  Everyone’s a winner! 😉

A tip-top glorious 5/5 for this little wonder, I’m pretty sure this has been the best kept secret in the beauty biz…. do us all a favour and tell everyone!


5 stars

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