The new Younique liquid liner – the verdict

As you probably know from older posts, I am a complete liquid liner fiend, so you can only imagine my delight when my much-loved brand Younique launched theirs!  I apply it every day; for daytime it’s just there to line my upper lids and give instant added impact to my luscious 3D Fibre Lashes, but for evenings and when I want a more dramatic look, I’m a fan of the winged, flicked corner look for which liquid liners are the perfect solution.

The new Younique liquid liner is only presently available as part of a December special offer when you buy 3 gorgeous splurge shadows with which it comes free for this month only.  The RRP is planned to be £16.50 and from what I can see, the only colour initially launched will be black, and it will hopefully be launched as a stand-alone product in the New Year.

When I heard I simply had to get my hands on it.  I love the Splurge eyeshadows anyway, so with three new colours out and at a discounted rate with the free liquid liner thrown in, it was a no-brainer for me, and in my order went.  You’ve no idea how fast I opened the package when it arrived 4 days later and laid my hands on this hotly awaited liner for the first time.

It looks pure quality as do all Younique products, you always get the impression of a prestige, premium product. It comes in a matte black casing, it’s comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip or slide in your fingers making application pretty easy.  Usually I prefer a brush applicator – if you’re young with tight fresh skin you don’t need to worry about this, but on slightly older skin where skin (particularly around the eyes) is thinner and has lost a little of it’s plumpness and elasticity, the “felt tip pen” type applicators like this can tend to pull and drag on the lid, giving a rougher, jagged finish if you aren’t very careful.  Brushes, in contrast, make it a little easier to gently glider over the lid without the same dragging and uneven application worries.  So first impressions – a little disappointed with the applicator type, but it’s all personal preference isn’t it with things like that.

To overcome the dragging issue, I find that making tiny strokes, starting at the inside corner of the lid and working your way to the outer edge is by far the best way – slightly more time consuming than one sweep with a brush, but just as effective as an end result – this I did and the ultra fine tip did a grand job on my first lid – very impressed.

Now herein I learn about my first mistake.  As I always do, before applying the liner I put shadow on my lids.  In this case my old favourite the Splurge shadow.  This poses no issue whatsoever for me usually with my brush-based liquid liner, but remember I’m trying the new Younique “felt tip pen” tipped liquid liner here. Now cast your mind back to primary school, you remember the frustration when you were colouring-in and your best colour started to run out… the pen still worked but it got gradually more faded and tougher to get a solid line with it…?  Well that was me this morning on my first use!  Grrrr.

I soooo wanted to love this product, I didn’t want to give up.  I took the tip and drew a series of lines on my hands, rotating the tip as I did so and gradually the line came back to full impact again – almost as if I had somehow clogged it (though not visibly) by applying it over my shadow.  So tip number one… apply the liner first with shadow on top to prevent the same happening to you.

I then finished the second eye, noticing that the finished effect was a lot more like a very sharpened khol or pencil eyeliner than my usual liquid liner. So in a change to my usual routine, I also tried it out under my lower lids where I would usually use a pencil, and for that it looked the business – as I said a really fine, pencil-like line… nice.

So following a full day of wear it had lasted brilliantly, and what’s more, following several hand-washes, you can still see the fine lines I had drawn on my hand to get it working again after I’d clogged it earlier so I can’t complain about the staying-power of it either.

But the thing is, I just don’t love it.  Certainly not in the same way I love my existing (much cheaper) liquid liner and definitely not as much as I love most of Younique’s other products. Don’t get me wrong, it will be brilliant for you if you like the “felt-pen” style liners, if you like more natural looking lines and if (unlike me) you remember not to apply it over shadow!  But for me, I feel disappointingly blah about it.

It’s not a bad product – I like it in many ways, I just don’t love it.  It gives ultra fine results, is easily controllable, gives a nice pencil finish and the product itself has a nice quality feel. I will persevere with it though and perhaps I’ll grow to adore it as I do their other products, but right now I can’t see me buying it again once it’s officially launched, so for that reason I can only give it a fair 3.5/5

Love to hear other feedback once the products out there a bit more so if you have any feedback on it, please do share!

3.5 stars

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