FINALLY glam lip wear suitable for aligner wearers!

Regular readers will know, at the moment, I wear an aligner on my teeth.  Invisalign to be precise.  I LOVE the effect it’s having on my teeth, and if you want to learn more about my journey to a straighter brighter smile you can do so here and here.

or anyone not familiar, an aligner is a bit like a brace, BUT it can be taken in and out to allow you to eat and drink.  Different manufacturers have differing guidelines but for Invisalign you’re needing to have it in for a minimum 22 hours a day; so essentially ALL the time you’re not eating, drinking, flossing or brishing.  And it’s a long old process.  I’ve been wearing them for 10 months now, and despite a couple of little hiccups along the way, I’m now only about 5 months from the finish line… woo hoo!

However, one thing you don’t realise when you get on the aligner the process of fixing your teeth can play havoc with your lips.  Having something “foreign” in your mouth constantly can have a few effects on your mouth / lips.  It can cause excess saliva (nice!) and it can dry out your mouth too.  Both these issues serve to ultimately dry out your lips so it’s really important to take care of them.

Vaseline has become my best friend… I take a tin wherever I go so I can slick some on my lips to keep them moist and conditioned if I ever need to.  But doing this morning and nights helps keep the old kisser soft and conditioned and in a happy place.

But what about with make up?  Man, I tried everything.  Some lipsticks were fine (to a point) if I blotted several times to take off excess product, but even then I would still often have the attachments on my teeth getting coated with whatever colour I had on my lips – since they are the first point to grind or scrape against the lip when you’re speaking, smiling and so on – which I had to remove with a tissue, toothbrush or tongue as the situation dictated, but which continued to happen for as long as I was wearing the lipstick.   Moreover, if I wanted to remove my aligner I would often get embarrassing smudges around my mouth where my hands inevitably smeared my lipstick whilst taking it out.  By the time I had brushed my teeth in order to pop the aligners back in, well the lippy had typically disappeared altogether.

And my beloved lip glosses were a complete no-no.  I love the glossy lip look, so that was gutting for me.  But these came off on the whole of the aligner, even more so than the lipsticks – so not just the attachments (which was bad enough) but smearing the lovely colour all over the face of the aligner and basically turning my whole smile the colour of my lips.  Hmmm attractive.

Then came my “Hallelujah” moment.  Younique’s stiff upper lip stain.  Where has this product been all my life!?!?  This really was a revalation to me and even when I’m no longer wearing my aligners in a few months time, I can’t imagine EVER not having this product in my bag.  For once, a product that does what it says, it STAINS the lips.

Now as with all Younique’s range it’s made from naturally based products and Younique is a cruelty free company, however this item isn’t in either their Vegan or Gluten Free range so if they are considerations for you then sadly this product’s not for you.  However for the rest of us, I seriously feel that every woman should have this in the make-up bag.  It costs £18, comes in a range of 7 glorious colours and is obviously backed by their usual 14 day LOVE IT guarantee.

Tip number one – if (either because of your aligner or if even you don’t wear aligners) you suffer with dry lips, get your pout in order first.  Lip stains and dry lips do not mix – you’ll get an uneven application and an unattractive, patchy finish.  There are some great lip exfoliating products out there but you shouldn’t need that if you keep them moisturised and conditioned.  If you did want to try exfoliation without forking out on a dedicated product I find an occasional buff with a little coconut oil mixed with salt on a toothbrush works a treat.

Once you’re happy your lips are baby soft and smooth, you’re a prime candidate for the lip product that will change the way you approach your make up for ever.  You literally just slick a layer of lip stain on (the applicator is a little like a gloss applicator but you’ll find the product looks quite different – almost watery) and let it dry for, maybe 60 seconds.  You can leave it like that for a more natural day look, but I always go for a second layer and again, let it dry for another 60 seconds.

After that, I challenge you…. blot on a tissue and you’ll see literally NO residue come off.  Take a drink… there will be no lip product left on whatever drinking vessel you use.  I absolutely HATE to see lipstick marks on the rim of cups and glasses and this product simply eliminates that completely.  Have a good old snog… all you’ll leave behind on their face is a big grin, and definitely none of your lippy.  I promise you, it really is THAT good.

Of course over the duration of a long day it will wear off slightly… eating, drinking, licking your lips, kissing, touching your mouth, taking aligners in and out, brushing etc will all contribute to it fading slightly as the day goes along – that’s inevitable.  But yesterday as a test, I applied mine around 8am and still had to remove it before bed around 14 hours later, and FYI  I’d taken my aligners out twice, had 2 meals, brushed my teeth twice and had around 5 drinks (zero snogs though, woe is me!) Even though it stains your lips, that’s how it works after all, I do find that it comes off just fine when it is time to remove it with your standard make-up remover or wipes.

So finally ladies, a lip product really worth the hype.  And at long last, a lip colour that suits the unique challenges and rigors faced by millions of aligner-wearers daily.  There’s only one score I can give this product and that’s a super-duper lip smackin’ 5/5.


5 stars


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