My 19 hour make-up journey, wise or “what was I thinking!?”

I was feeling brave and wanted to really demonstrate the staying power of my make-up when I use my Glorious Younique Primer in a really transparent and visible way.  I was really confident it would stay the course of even the toughest challenges, so I waited for one of my lengthier and more testing working days to do the test… here’s a summary of how it went!

Primer 1
5am, freshly applied and ready to hit the road

I do often find myself applying my make-up at some ungodly hour, but 5am was a bit of a push to be fair.  However with an early train to catch and a long day ahead, needs must!

I fought the yawns, grimaces and eye-bags to prepare my skin, apply my beloved Younique Glorious Primer (paying special attention to the eyes, nose and lip areas) and then went ahead with my usual makeup regimen.  I needed this to last through the rigours of a British Winter day, public transport, meetings, eating, and then take me through into evening … I was confident but needed to demonstrate the Primer power to others… fingers crossed!!!


Priner 2
Still doing OK after 7 windswept hours

So after a 1 hour drive, 2 hour train ride, breakfast, a brush of my teeth, 1 tube ride and a short but very blustery walk, I arrived at my meeting… chatted a lot, drank coffee and water and then took the same walk and tube ride back to the station – here I am waiting for my return train and the make up is definitely still holding up!

I think the longevity of the lips are down to the use of Younique’s Stiff Upper Lip Stain (the only product I can use on my lips at the moment that works with my aligners!) but the Primer has really come into it’s own, especially around the eyes where after 7 hours (so roughly a standard working day!) I still have no smudging or creasing! Impressive eh?


Primer 3So here we are, got back home in one piece after another 2 hour train journey and 1 hour drive.  Felt pretty pooped so had a bit of a power nap before shower, brish of the teeth, fluff of the hair and a clothes change ready to head out.

I honestly think I could have got away with not doing a thing to my make up 12 hours in BUT, just ‘cos I was going out with some particularly glam and gorgeous ladies, I did have a spritz of Rose Water to liven and brighten me up (British Transport can dullen the most luminous of complexions!).

Then I applied a bit of powder to my nose, one more coat of Stiff Upper Lip Stain and a slick of clear lipgloss.
Primer 4You’ll no doubt note the deteriorating quality of my photos as the night continued…. that’s what’s called the prosecco / gin effect!  However what didn’t deteriorate was my make up!!!!

As the ladies I was with will testify, even at the end of the night (ome 19 hours on from the initial application) my slap was still going strong and would have lasted long into the night had my body been able to continue any longer!

As it was, midnight approached, and for fear of turning into a pumpkin (or falling asleep) I retreated home and gave myself a big pat on the back for a) successfully demonstrating the immense power of the Younique Glorious Primer and b) not coming a cropper in my heels (my make up may still look glam after 19 hours, but after 25 years I still can’t shake my inability to walk in heels after drinking fizz!  You heard right ladies… NINETEEN HOURS of glam make up just by taking the time to apply a primer first.  Yes good quality make up makes a difference, as does taking care not to overly touch or stroke your face in the course of the day.  But would I have been confident to go for a night out wearing the same makeup I’d applied at 5am that morning had I not used a primer…. heck no.

For that reason I give myself (ok, I give the primer!) a sterling, value for money (£30 and it lasts, like, forever!) and hard-working 5/5.

Go on, try it… you know you want to!


5 stars


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